Handwriting in Pencil, Exercise 6, words beginning with letter "f"

This exercise provides sets of either the same or similar words when possible. At other times, much different words are shown. These are provided to highlight certain letters or letter combinations for comparison alongside the words in pencil.

Here are sets for you to decipher and transcribe. They are all in alphabetical order.


polygon #433, 22395257_rot_p_2.jpg
circa 1884*-1891

text: "France"

Set #1

polygon #439, 22395153_rot_p_1.jpg
circa 1884*-1891

polygon #440, 22395159_rot_p_4.jpg
circa 1884*-1891

polygon #441, 22395685_rot_n_1.jpg
circa 1884*-1891

polygon #442, 22395285_rot_p_6.jpg
circa 1884*-1891

polygon #443, 22395685_rot_p_2.jpg
circa 1884*-1891

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