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ye 1 of ye 8th Month 1725      Loving kosins Joseph and Magry web my kind love too you both this is too leat yow onder Stand that I that I am in Defran thru [?]marsy as i hop you are all Brok my reast a bout a yare a gou and it is very Lame it and I am Consand a bout ye mouf the Sent mee for John Andes told my Son Jonathn that I had ye rong one and ye Sent mee word that myne wos a otter Skine and a very good one as Every ye Sest and I have Shoued too furers and allso too our worthy frend thomas Sakry a foruer too and hee Sees that it wos not a otter Skin for a otterskin wos worth a bout ten Shillings and that wos not worth above five Shillings but that is nott all that vex mee but John annes Son told my Son that hee wos out of poket About forty or fifty Shilling wich is a bout too pound more then it is worth wich if hee had brot mee the over mouf hee Should have had mine for iwold not have kapt it from him for i am not so fond of A mouf and Spesle of a ourny on it has not a le__[?] vex mee my Sons all are in good helih blesed bee yo[?] Lord for it So having no mor at prsart I reman yore loving Ant tel Dath Elisabeth Sparrow
     I Desire ye too give my Dare love too Thomas Chakly And John Est and his wife And I allso Desire too hear from ye by all [?] oupertunytyes