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Rotherhith the 29 of ye 2 month 1730 Loving Cozenes Joseph & mary weeb      I now haveing an opertunyty of Sending by your freind James Steett[?] by houme I have heard of the and thy famaly Good health when hee Came Away and in A thriving Condsion and the flourishing Contishon of ye Colonney & the hapy Conversation you In Goye with one A nothe which Is a Great Bleasing I Pray God to Contency with all the mercys that you in Joye Coxen I have Seen A Leeter the Sent my mother and in It ye[?] mentiond thee heard that I was A Comeing over there and of thy Beeing Glad to A have Sean mee But I thank God __mis[?] Stake. But Jane sory for my Brother misforten for It was Josephine in Stead of Jonathan But my Brother Samuel would A had him[?] Came over and hee would A Setled him ther but his wife was not willing & now hee Is Settled his forman & may Doe[?] weell If hee will, But I cant feel ye meaning of thy been Uneasee for to woe[?] the Price of the Glass that I sent to Long a Goo both the Price & I Sent word In A Late by Capt. Tenant hous famaly Is now setled in your Parts Both Price and what thee mights Return it In and where to send But If thy memory Is Shalloo I sould have thougt Loogking In the Glase might A fraisenedst[?] But If the turn About & for Gret I take this Present opertunyty to In form thee once more I Gave for the Glas I sent the thirty Shilling I shall takd it as A favor If the will bee so kind as to Send mee by Capt. Annish A mohocomee Planck of fore Inches thick If the Can Gitt It Eighteen Inches Broad &: fore foot Long But If thee Cant Git mohocom a Leet It bee Black wannuttree and If that Is to much Leet mee noo and I will sent thee Retaliation in what thee Sent for & I desire thee Give my Love to all my Cozene as It named an to my unckle So I hope these Broken Lin Will find the In as Good Health as they Leave us thank God for It mine and wife kind Love to the an wife and famally for thy Loven Cozenes -- Jonathan and Mary Sparrow
my mother & brother Give Love too [?] for mee in queen Street Rotherhith you all
my mother & brother Give ther Love too you all [?] for mee in queen Street Rotherhith