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Son Glosester ye 26 12 mo 1715/16 Joseph thy Letter I Reseved wherein thee Signify that thee art under an obligation of Siting mee[?] to the Bishop of -- Canterburys Cort Except a Speedy end be made; Son Joseph though I am not terified thy with thy Seiting of me to the -- Bishop of Canterburys Cort yet I am willing to that a speedy end may be made Because I Beleve Ii[?] will be for thy god[?] which I very much desirs for my bouls yerns towards thee I understand by our Law pleduce[?] that wee mighte accomadat thing very weell if we wate home together, therfor if the art willing that a Speedy & end bee mad I Shall Send for Samuel wirt[?] for he hath Lefte directions when I Shall Send to him in a bout a weeks time I think I Shall goe to painswik next week if thee dust not agree to this So noe mor at presant But dear and tender desirs for thy wellfere I Remain thy Loveing and afechonat mother
Hannah Lee I did understand by Samuel wirt[?] thee wold not Stand to the formar ageement that you made