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Most kinde and Loveing Doughter these When Come to hand is to Satisfie you of ye Realety and Sinserety of my Love and Affection to you and also to your husband though Unacquented and at a distence in body yet Can Unfainedly Say prisent in Spiret and truth and I Will assure you I have not bene neglygent in Expresing ye Same by pen and paper hetherto When Ever an opertunety presented but I do Suppose I have bene Very Unsucksessfull for I have not heard of any that Came to hand which I must say hath bene no Small trouble to me for I fear if hath given you an occasion to think me both Unkind and forgetfull Which I Will assure you I have not nither Shall be during ye bind[?] of my pilgrimage Doughter I Rece ye price of Silver which your husband ordered you to Send me and by the Same bearer did Send you a Small token Which Was half a brode peic[?] of gould and Would be glad to hear that you had Recived it my Son John Writ to me that he had Rece a Letter from you Which I Was glad to hear of both in Respect of your health and Wellfare and also that you are So kind as to take noatis of him now in the time of his great poverty I hope if it fall out that he Com into your Cuntry your husbend and you Will Show him What kindnse[?] you Can in assisting him in the Way of an Imploy and if you go I hop you Will find him Honist though never So poor as for my Gran Childer Which is francis and Rebeckah I Should be glad to So With an Unexpressable Joy and gladnes but Seing no posebilety of it I Shall Rest my Self Content and desire of the almighty to give them a portion of his grace all that Relates to my famely is in health and gives their Respects to you and yours and desirs you When Ever an opertunety presents to Let Us hear from you and you may assure your Self I Shall do the Like When Ever I meat With a Convinence these being the neadfull I Conclud With my harty Well Wishes for your health and Happines and Rest your -- from Sheilde ye th 29 Affectionat mother tell of Octobr -- 1694 Death Dorothy Watson