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Honered Mother Boston the 6: 9:mo 1704      I Wright by the Last post acquainting thee of my welfare now this may alsoe acquaint thee that through the marcy of god I am at this present time Ingoying the Same and further that I Intend to Sett out of Boston next forth Day if nothing hinders the occasune of my Staying So long hear was to See the friends and to take my Leave of them who Came to town the Last Six Day the first Day following we had a meating at the meating house which was very Large and peaseable alsoe another in the Evening at [?] D: Z House which Exceded the formor this morning I went over to Charlestown with them where I took my Leave of them they were both well and gives their Kind Love to thee and the rest of friends Having now taking my Leave I Shall Indever to make all possable Speade home as I can Knowing my bisness [?] Requiers me to be at home I hope in two weeks time to geet their I have bought of Tho: Titek[?] one quilt prise 3:lb 10:s and a KaineKouch prise 2lb 10s he says he rfousees me kind for my part I am holy a Strainger to those things I have alsoe bought a small parsell of tules and other nessa Nessesary belonging to my Traid and a pease of Drugett for a Koate[?] Six[?] bottles of Canary I have Ships the a boue Menchened on board a Sloop Nicklis Johnes Master bound for Phila Pleas to Speake to Brother Joseph to Receve them for me in my absence paying Six Shillings for the freight and at my returne Shall reimburse him a gaine and Satisfie him for his Truble as for [?] Bewburb and Jallup Jensend to put it up in my port[?] Mantill I thought to a wright a line or two to Brother Joseph but having not time I Desier thee to Speake to him for me I have letle further to add Save my Duty to Selfe and Father wish Kind Love to Sister Brothers and Sisters and to the rest of my Relations and Friends as though named so Shall take my Leave at present subscribing my Selfe with Due Respects thy most Dutifull Son
D Zachary and Waltor Franc Richardson      Newberry gives their Kind Love to you all Bro: J. Shipen wifes mother was I Saw this Day whose femely is all well