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Dear Aunt I am very much engag'd preparing to move to morrow morning, but must take time, to write a few lines on friend Anoleys account, who has been here 3 week times[?] is very desirous to go with us to Ohio if we shou'd go, she says that as we are all light, & wou'd take but little baggage with us, perhaps uncle will may think it will do when he counts up the weight she wou'd willingly pay her proportion of the expence & further that she is a pretty great walker & wou'd prefer walking up the hills & frequently a mile or two at a time -- but does not wish to urge any thing improperly if uncle & thee thinks it can be brought to bear & are quite free that she shou'd go, I wou'd be much oblig'd if thee wou'd write & let me know as soon as possible I hope uncle will not think me too importunate, I have no Interest in the business but to accomadate a friend who has been as a Mother to me in sickness & in health, --
we are tolerably well, but greatly hurry'd affectionately thy S G