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Bristole, Febry. 25th 1724 -- Loving Cozn I received your Token which you sent me by -- Ann Jones and preturne you thanks for it and I am heartily glad to heare that you are In good health as I am at present writing and as of your Sending of me Severall Letters I recd. none of them and that was the reason, that you did not heare from me and as for the furer I will Send Letters att any time that I have an oppertunity for to Send by any one that comes that way and I shall Expect the Same of you as Long as you are Living -- & Remember my hearty Love to my Brother Nehemiah and to his Children, & to your Selfe and Wife and to all your family -- & to Sister Lydia Pryor and to all -- friends -- So having no more to add at present -- to you but Shall Conclude and I Remaine your Loving -- Aunt --
Joyce Brewer --