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Wednesday, 24th 1828 My Dear Uncle      We received thy kind letter Monday morning. I would have answered it immediately. if my dear Mother had been as well as usual. I do feel very much alarmed about her. she has a very bad cough. and the pains are very severe in deed. she has had several very bad spells this week. she is quite dis-couraged. thinks their is no hope of her ever getting better. her spirits are very much depressed. it is very distressing to us to see her suffer as she does day after day. Sister Susan would be very glad to accept of the offer Cousin Sarah made her. if Mother was well enough for her to leave Home, but I cannot think of taking the charge of the Family and doing Mother justice while she remains in this weak state. I am afraid we shall not have her with us a great while. and then we shall have to be separated. the thought is painful. we thought of sending Brother John to School the first of next month. as the has been so kind as to mention it. I spoke to James Tailor this morning about. it he said he would take him. the price is 4 dollars per quarter.
we shall be glad to see thee when ever it is quite convenient for thee to leave Home, that was one thing Mother wished to see thee about. John's going to School. he has promised me to be very attentive to his Studies this winter. he is a very good Boy. Mother says she does not wish the to come up until it is quite convenient. nothing will suffer. we hear Sister Abbey is in Philadelphia. we are very anxious to see her. Aunt May has been very kind to keep her so long. we never can pay her for her kindness. we look for Aunt Mary Lamb every day.
from your affectionate Niece, Mary Hoskins remember us to all the Family. I hope cousin John is better.