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Honered Mother Boston the 15[?] of the 6 mo 1703      The 14 of this instance I recd a Letter by thy requests from my Sister ann by which I am informed of the recpt of my Third Letter am Sorry my former Should miskarrey I take notis as to what my Sister wrights of what thy mind is cons__[?] supling my Selfe with what is Nessesarey for my Trade Though it be such a dire[?] time with the Gold Smith as ever [?][?][?] prevale with any of them to part with their Twols if in Case I could prevaile with any of them I question not but thay would aske a hundred or a hundred and fifty pounds when I con beter Suplie my Selfe with what is most Convenant for my Trade for a third part of the money in England I see not such grate in Coragement to be in hast to give such an Extravegent prises for Twoles Though Could ben glad to a goting some on reasonable termes Seing I cannot I entende for London in the Spring if times be any beter then thay are the Later end of this month or the begining of the next I entend to Sett forward on my Jorney home-wards hoping to see you by our yearly Meating I expect to have D Zachary Compenny Some part of the way his going all the way by Land and thy horse being at Long ISLand is the oceat[?] of our parting or other wase Should have had his Compenny thrw out I was wish D Zachary at Salem Munthly Meating Last fifth Day friend their are Genarall well Tho Maule and his femely Desires to be remembered to you all he was very bessey about[?] Loding a Sloope with bords for father the Marster Name is Deane who will Sale with in a weeks time I am glad to hear that all our Ships are arived Except one the which I hope is safe never ave sell of the five Sale that thay Expect in here is yett arived wch is two much to be feard thay are taken this Day a Shipe arived from Soyall[?] having about forty pipes of wine on bord She brings prety much nuse as I am in formed but Cannot thoroly underStand the pticulers being yett Come in I Shall give thee a Short account of the bad Nuse that we
we have from the Easteard of Severall towns being taken and bourned a hundred and fifty some say two hundred persons being Distroyed and taken captive Captive by the Indiands and friench togeather which Came from Canada and that way the number of Indiands and french to geather are saposed to be betwen three and fore hundred and our Indiands home thay made peace with of which I saw two of the Cheafe a bout three weeks agoe in town who was made much of by the Governer thay Coming in pretence of making peace after the Governer [?] cloth[?] them and helpt them to amminishin nosoner had this barnbarean & the other Indiand gott to the Eastard but thay Joynes them Selves with these other Indiands and is the in Leader of all this mishcheafe we have account that thay are very barbarus and Cruell so as to rost some alive wimin ripte open and other cruilties that may be menchened but as yete we have not exact account yett but by the next [?] hope to give you a fuller accot of these their transresions which Indead has ben very barbarus this has put Some in mind of Tho Tomson Provesie which be fore was redy to make amock and a skofe at it which was as folows as I have ben informed by Severall Credeble persons That some parts of New England Should be Dunge with the Carkeses of men by the savage Indiands and more over to Conferme it Sd he if it be not soe then when you hear I am dead then you may wright over my grave hear lies a false profite which profisie I think in measure is full filled for thay Dair not venter out to bury the Dead for fear Leas thay should be shot this far I have given the a short account of things being in hast I shall Conclude hoping these may find thee with father & Brother &. Sisters well as I Bless god I am at this my wrighting So with my Duty to thy selfe and father Love to Brother and sisters I shall subscribe thy ever Dutifull son
Francis Richardson