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Dear Boston ye 2 of the 6mo 1708 Mother after my Duty to thee this may Informe thee that through the goodness of god I am at this Jounture of time very well So hoping these fwe Lines may find you all injoying the same I have recd but one Letter from the this prety while but hope by the next post to have a leter I sopose [?][?] thee hast recd mine this being the forth as I have write which hope may Come safe to thy hand I recd a letter from Mary Hayood which in formed me that thou was not well at which I was trubeled to hear of thy being so indisposed I hope to hear by the first oppo how its with thee I thought to a wright by Brother Joseph his going so Sudingly away Could not have time Sopose he may have gott home or near it by this time I saw his wife and Son to Day who are well -- I think long to see you againe some time in the seven Seventh month I hope to be at home to see you once againe if it be the will of god which I earnestly Desier if it pleas god to Conduct me home in Satty to see one another fase to fase then Shall my Soul magnifie the grate god who is presarver of his both by See and Land though men may meat with trubel hear below yett god is the Stay of his people so with harty acqnoledgements of my Duty to the who has ben such a tender & Efectienate Mother which hope I Shall never forgett I subscribe thy most Dutifull and obediand son
Frand[?] Daniel Zachary I have I have I hav have Ingland I pray[?] I pra Sent to you all Mother I am y I I have Loving ffriend This Day I have recd Thine & I note the Contence but have not time to Answer it So Sesire[?] the to SE Eques[?]