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Philadelphia ye 13 of ye 8 mo 99 dear & tenderly Beloved freind S: Dew[?] Who with unfained love I dearly Salute at this time not knowing whether I may have another oppertunity for dear freind it has been a time of grate mortality hear yeLord has been pleased to remove many of our Ancient as well as young & midelaged many yt was very near & dear to us: as dear Roger Gill A___[?] Cooke Tho: Ducket & dear Richard Hoskins wife & Eldest __ Sister[?] & dear Ann Dillworths Husband yt of writ to ye by & my dear Sistor Mary Mary is Prefer ye to dear Arron Adkinson by whome this comes for ferther accot who has been a faithfull Labouror Amongst us who has largely ptooke of our Exercise & was very weak of body but Blesed be ye worthy Name of our Good & Gracious God in yt he was pleased to Rayse him Again Amongst us which wast o ye Reioycing & Comforting of many he was at our yearly meating thoug weake of body yet ye lords power was Eminently with him & dear The Story & Roger gill & ye lords presance filled ye harts of people many & blessed be his lively & powerfull name over all for ever we had a sweat & precious Season & time to gather to ye Strengthenig & comforting of ye wery travelours althoug it is a bowing time ye lord is good to his people I desire we may be willing to be resined to his will dear Roger Gill had traveled throug newengland & as he was returning from thenc heard of our Excorcise & wass not easy untill he came amongst us who was a diligent & faithfull labourror visiting ye Sick & at burialls everyday as well as dear arron untill they ware taken Sick dear Roger lay a boute a weak & then I beleave ye Lord took him to his Everlasting rest & peace & his memorial lives & will live amoung ye faithfull oh yt we may be fited to follow him & as to our dear freind arron hous face is set towards you al thoug but weakly as yet its our earnest breathing Cry & suplication to all mighty god yt he will preserve him & conduct him safe to you which we Shall much rejoyce to hear of oh yt we may be truly bowed in deepe humility before ye lord our God yt he may be Intreated if it be his Blessed will to Stay his hand & Say to ye destroying Angell it is anougf but not our --
will but his will be doun & yt we may neyther ask length of day nor riches nor honour but the fue days we have hear to spend may be spent to ye glory honour & prays of his glories worthy & honourable name who is worthy worthy says my Soul forever[?] more dear freind. if ye Should se our dear freinds yt [?] from hence I desire to have my dear love to them as al__[?][?] those of our dear freinds yt has been in our parts to visit[?][?] ye may have opertunity we ware very glad to hear of their arrivall[?] I hope we shall hear soon of ye Arival of our dear [?] Joseph Kirkbright by home I writ to ye I allso desire to h__[?][?] every dear love to dear Theo: Gre__[?] I writ to him according to his desire & let him know how it is with us we have laws to be very thankfull to ye Lord who has spared our family to this time my dear Husband was ill when dear Arron was Sick & I have been attend with much weakness & more of our family down but are through mercy up again my brother John has buried his wife & Eldest daughter dear Tho: Musgrove dyed at sea youl have an acot of ye desolate ship by our dear freind who has an Account of ye names of those yt dyed ye lord Is shewing of us yt our dependance should be upon him alone who is an Alsoficient god help our who sayd worm Jacob I will help ye & although many comforts are removed from us its he alone yt able to rays up [?] to cary on his grate & gloryus work yt he has begun to ye praise of his gloryes & powerfull name & my dear freind once more my very dear love is to ye & mariabalah[?] & son & daughter with dear Mary Elson with our dear freind John Feald & John Vatton with all our dear freinds & ac acquaintence yt may Inquire Aftor us we desire your prayers may be to ye Lord for us as ours is oft for you for for we have nead of them so dear friend to ye Lord I desire to commit ye with my own Soull & Remain thy Real friend - - - Rebekah Shippen