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From Soueth Sheildes [?] ye Janenary ye: 10: 1692[?] Ever esteamed Sister after ye salleuts[?] of trew love with mothers & all ye rest of ours to ye & all thine with ye, Deare Sister this opertewnety presenting heare with us I well knew my self Obliged to give ye ye troubell of these & by ye Request of deare mother is strictly Charged two give ye an a Count of thine Resaived by one new man & in Remembrance of ye same to ye by ye bearer hath sent a half pease of Olde gould & to satisfy if of ye same a bout a twelve munth a goe I write to ye & sent by a merylander hopeing Itt Came safe to thy hand, allso in mine was inclosed are of mothers to ye, allso in mine I gave ye an a Count of my poore & meane Capassety ye lord help me I allso in mine I gave ye an a Count of ye unkindenes of my imployers ye braines which braines hath sertainely beane ye greateest instrewment of my totell Rewen & poore ffammelyes for by thare Ienicistnes[?] hath broueght me & mine to yt pas yt att prisent we have not a being but wandring two & fro & att this prisent is att sheildes I have not had my liberty two yowes[?] my Indeavers to get for my self & ffamely & all through these Caterpillers ye braines by thare not paying ye bills draweing upon them for ye ships yorues[?] when last in uergeny hath much occaseioned greate sufferinges to me & poore ffammely & likewise detained me from seaing of ye eare now which was my reall deseine but as thay have dun to me ye lord I hope will Reward them & so shall leave Revenge to whome itt is don, Deare Sister Itt is ye herty & earnes deseier of thy poore Obliged brother to deseier ye two don me ye kindenes as to make Inqueiery after yt undewetyfull soon John of mine & allso of his kinsman John Grundy thay both being so unmindefull yt neither of them had so much as a line to give us notis of thare being dead or liveing one my poore boy frances was left to shife for him self & so by his shifts got safe home & this last sumer had a deseier to goe to sea his granmother & other ffreindes att sheldes proveidence so ordering yt a storme tooke them which storme accaceioned great shipwreck to ye los of: 2: hundred & more of ships & most of thare men lost & ye lord so pleased to preserve him poore boy, he gives me an a Count yt his brother John Came over to yower parts & thare touke himself one bord of a preivittere both he & his kinsman grundy & If so I & Sister, grundy mother shoould earnesly beg of ye yt If thou Canst heare of thare griuell any wheare in a merycay[?] yt thou would be pleased to send grundy home otherwise lett him never expect ye good yt his ffather & mother Can dow him but as for mine proueide yt he doth well for himself I hope Itt is well for trewly I sea no more of yt thing Called a pease then was: 5: yere a goe so yt If younge men weare in ye way of Itt I think Itt would be harde for them two a skape from Itt but Can dow no other but blame them for thare unmindefullnes in not writeing to give us an a Count of thare welfare & praseadence yt I Can dow no les then think them very unkinde, pray ye lett me earnesly beg of ye yt thou wouldest pleased to yowes what meanes in ye leyes to send this grundy home If posabill his mother is one of our owne Sisters soons & his mother a fretfull woman in so much yt she Cannot be satisfyed without him, Deare Sister I -- think to Continue my a boade heare & so to goe betwixt heare & London as a mate in a Colyer with Coles tell ye Lord prouvides better for me, but trewly If Imploy woud offer with you Could frelly imbrase[?] Itt with you prouvided yt I could but Inioy my self with peas
This being ye neadefull att prisent saveing Deare mothers trew love to ye & husband & herty good wish for thy Childer allso mine & wifes with all brothers & sisters kinde love & herty good wish to ye & husband & allso to Cussin Frances & Rebeckah & so shall deseier yt thou would be pleased to let us heare from ye when Opertewnety offers & If pleas to write Derest thine for: Mrs Dorythy Watson Liveing in Soueth Sheildes neare Newcastell upon tyme, to be: II: to John Richardson If for me deare deare