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[?]= Hortford -- 12 ye 7[?] /m 1675 Der freind Rebeckh shipeing the acount of thy wekenes and Indisposeiton I have Eecehed[?] and consience And Rate sontwhot[?] I and g propos for thee, the[?] which shoud be used as Holoeth[?]
The hissarick bolus[?] should be taken first in ye morning and at 3 in ye aftenoon, of quantety of a small hasell nut at a time to besid[?] a cold in what thou wilt The Altrile Balus[?] should be taken only at night a bout bedtime ye quantety of 2 small hasell nuts at a time it may be swaloed in whot thee wilt or disolved in a Littell sacke[?] orang other sort of [?] [?] demint[?] and so drank. those 2 medicens should be taken both in a day as directed tell Ended. And to Eate & drink and goe any way a bout as othertimes, only not to Eate a while before or after its taken it. And after [?] first 2 glases and Ended, then to take halfe the Sangven vegetablum as foloeth and then ye other 2 glases of Bolus as a fore directed, And after thay are Ended to take ye remaner of the Sangven vegetablum.
     The Sangven Vegetablum Should be taken first in ye morning, and at Night a bout bedtime 3 Spoonefulls at a time in a littell warm ale, fast an houer after in ye morning and take it 2 houers after Super.
my freind of medecons' afore directed are ffreindly to nates and strengthen and tharefore may be taken without danger of taking cold But thay may be omited in the time of those And when thee art well satefyed that thee arte[?] with child Thee may forbare the Boluses. But thee ... Sangven vegtablum[?]may be taken up free at that time as as at any other or rather fore[?] & or its a proper medicen to kinder miscaring. This being all I shin[?] be fitt to send and wright at present only that I should be glad to here of thee as-- opertunety ofers. These with my very kind Love, with harty disiers for thy welfore Every way from thy Lot ffrom I Robert Dimsdale. The medicen I sent are sutch as will keepe well. Every[?] help the boluses, for thay are medicens that will keep many yere. my kind Love to thy it Husbon unknoen to me and to all my old freind and aquantance that are in ye body, I know not who to name becase of the great [?] why that has so [?]. R.D.