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excepting one voige [?]to _e[?] mother I have not earned one peny this: 3: yeares which goes very hard, Deare Sister I could realy[?] wish yt I could be so fre with brother shippen as I Can be with ye then I should as littell vallew [?]ye braines as thay dow[?] me for If yt I had but brother shippen to be as helpfull to me as I think thou wouldest be to me If thou Couldest I queston not be ye Contest would sowne be eanded be twixt ye braines & I: I questoning not but brother shippen hath those trusty ffreindes heare yt Could maney them, but I derst not deseier presewme to brother shippen for his assistans in this my disconsellet Condeishon & so must Rest under my sufferinges tell ye Lord be pleased to give me happey Release from these teytanekell[?] enemyes yt I have two deale with for fortainety[?] thay vallew neither god nor man further then self intrests & so shall b_ lou_ad[?] with my good wich[?] & herty prayers for ye & thine for yower healthes & we[llness]__[?] shall deseier of ye to Continue thy kindenes in leting me heare from ye by all [oppete]__wnteyes[?] & in so doweing thou will Oblige me to answer thine when Resaived & be pleased to direct thine for John Richardson sinyer to be left att ye sine of ye Noah Arke below Ratclifcros[?] this being ye neadefull att present I take leave & Remane thy ever Consteint brother to Cummand John Richardson
ffrom London November ye: 30 : 1694 -- Most Deare And ever affeckeshoned & ever esteamed Sister my Cordell Love with wifes & mothers & all Relateions to ye & thy Husband & Childer hopeing of all yower good healthes & wellfare & we dow Inioy throegh marcy onely mother Crasey by Reason of her yeares as thou mayest know by ye inclosed her seight faileing her so much yt she Cannot answer thine as her good will is to done but hath heare got one of our sisters to eppres her thankefullnes as well as Can to ye for all thy mindefullnes to her also hearein she is wiling to let ye know yt her willingnes was never a wanting two a answered thine eare now but thou must excues her by Reason abillnes is not & also she liveing ebsquere from hence[?] so yt much writeing Cannot be expected from her but be pleased to except of ye will for ye dead for as I understand she hath sent to ye befor now & likewise I my self how ever ye incarey[?] of ouers hath hapened as we understand by thine thou hast never Resaived from none of us sence thy alltering of thy Condeishon which is very strange thine by ffreind bond Came safe to my hand with thy Remembrance for which I Render ye my good wish & herty love for thy kinde Remembrance for as proveidence hath ordered Itt I think I never had more nead of Releafe so yt thine Came in an excepted tyme I queston not but eare now thou hast an a Count of my misforto in faleing into ye handes of yt Dyranefell[?] enemy ye french which was not satisfyed to take all yt I had but also kept me a Capttive for ye spase of seaven monthes with bread & water & not two much of yt as Jonathan boston yt lives att boston & Robert singeler of york Can both tell thay both being parttakers of ye same att ye same tyme espechell[?] singeller & after ye suffering of yt & got home ye Caterpillers ye braines who was all ye Owners yt I had thoueght Itt Requeset to put ye seamen upon me for thare ways also for what bils I drew[?] upon them whilest we lay in ye Cuntery thay Refowes to pay anything for ye Charge of ye whole roiye[?] with thare good will thay knoweing yt I haveing lost all yt I had my world except wife & Childer so yt thay know yt I have neither monyes nor ffreindes to stand by me to assist in this my deploreabill Condeishon so yt I Can think no other but yt If thay Cud[?] thay dow[?] intend to put a wich[?] upon me but I hope in ye Lord yt he will Rase me sume good ffreind or other to venderate[?] my Just Caues againest them we are now att law a bout mens wages & If Can accumplish yt then I must Indeaver to fors them to an a Count If possabill Can for I sea nothing Can be dun with them in ye way of honesty or peaseabelly thay like so much to fish in troubellsum waters yt thay know not what a good Conshes is as doth two well appeare to god & ye world, Deare Sister If these Caterpillers would have dun me Justis as behoves all honest men so to dow then I did Intend If god willing two a seane ye in yt Cuntery[?] gave now hopeing yt I meight have met with an honest Imploy in yower[?] parts for treuly I am hertely sorry yt Ift falls in my lot yt I Cannot give a better Correctter of those which pretendes [?] honesty & also to yt which I am sewer is but two fur a distans from them thare ackshons &[?] doe not signeyfy to what thay pretend two yt is to dow[?] as thay would all men should dow unto them but trouely to ye Contrary thay dow more appeare to be wolves in sheapes Cloutheing but I shall neither accues nor opoues but leave them to yt good god yt thay must answer two for all thinges dun in ye flesh & will Reward them accordeing to thare doweinges so I shall Indeavor with my herty & earnes pray to ye allmeighty for a satisfyed heart wishing yt ye Lord may be so pleased as to santyfiy those afflickeshons two me as my hope is, he will but trouely Itt is Cume but two neare Colemans saying now in these dayes yt is in his sufferring found men so deseitfull yt he said yt thare was no trust in man & trouely Itt is two much maid out by those yt I have to dow with all for so fur as I have expearensed If a knave fales Itt is a hard matter to finde an honest man to take him up Itt is but two much maid out so in those parts
Deare Sister I must give ye a smale account of thy brothers so far as I well Can tho Itt is but smale as for brother Will: poor man is in great misery of paine & hath beane for a Conseitherabill tyme under ye afflickeshen of ye gouet in so much yt he hath not beane out of his bed to go a broad not for this: 2: mounthes but throuegh mercy hath wheare with all to live for while he Could stur a broad Indeavered in ye world & got Conseitherabill & his wife a very Induesteres prewent woman thay have onely one doueghter of thy name & trouely I Could wish yt Itt weare no wors with brother thomas then Itt is with Will but as for he I Cannot say much for onely so fur as I heare he knowes two much of want & partely by a bad wife I had a littell dealeinges with him a bout: 5: yeares a go: to ye rallew[?] of betwixt: 4 or: 3[?]: poundes & ye last wige[?] when I was absent Itt so happend ye thare magesteyes was pleased to grant an act of grase as Itt is so Called heare for all priseners yt had not wheare with all to pay so brother thomas being att yt tyme a prisener unknowen to me he sendes me one of these papers which he Reckons is a discharge from yt debt but I understand yt some others of his Creadetters will not be so satisfyed but is like to give him further troubell & some of them hath got what he oueght them but for my part for thy sake & those former kindeneses yt I have Resaived from ye when tyme was & att all tymes I shall never be mindefull of wishing yt I weare in a Capasety two Retalleate ye in ye same spacehy as Resaived then, I dow[?] understand yt thou doth accouse me & thinkes me very unmindefull in answering but hestyly wish my self with ye or att least Could wish yt my pen Could explaine to ye what my tongue Could If with ye for I will inswer ye many is ye tyme nay & I Can say att all tymes yt thou out in my mind as much or more then any Relateion yt I have & Could have wished myself often as well satteld in those parts by ye as I was heare when in my prosperety & Could as Itt is, & I think shall yowes[?] ye utmost of my Indeavers with what dilligence I Can posabill to get my self discharged of ye worldey affares in these parts & then dow[?] to ye utmost to sea ye hopeing brother shippen will be so kinde with some others of those parts two assist me in an Imploy yt I may Inioy my self in pease for trouely I finde none houre for me nor for any yt deseiers to pease, Deare Sister I take notis in one of thy letters to me wheare in thou gives me an a Count of Miles Foster in york liveing in ye houes yt thou did live in for ye vallew of: 4: poundes od monyes yt thou gave me a Count of & wished me to Cale upon him for ye said monyes but I never haveing ye opertounety to Cale upon him nor order I would deseier ye to be so kinde as to Calle upon him for ye said thou menteions Itt was upon ye account of ye black walnot yt I left with my deare brother If thou Couldest get him to order Itt me here Itt would dow[?] me a - [?] [?] in Ienes[?] now in this my poor & neasy Condeishon & If not to pay Itt to ye Deare Sister I Can give ye no account of thy soon shippen att Mr Crouches by -- Reason I ley under yt sercumstance att prisent yt I dow[?] not goe a broad by Reason of ye I uncist[?] doweinges of ye busines which doth accaseion my Confinement by thare not Cumeing two an a Count with me yt I may be discharged of those bills & likewise all ye shipes bisnes If I Could a proposed two Inioyed my self & two a had my liberty with you I should a beane with you by ye way of treyaney but I propose to my self yt If I should Cume into yower[?] parts befor yt these bils is satisfyed heare yt was draweing from meryland upon ye shipes account then those peopell in those parts may give me further troubell so yt ye Conseitheraceion of this doth Obstruct my Cume'ing other wise should have beane with you eare now for I will insuere ye I hope I know how I dow[?] explaine my self two when I dow[?] Itt to ye as I Can intrust