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Adrian 4th Mo 6th 1845 Dear Sister I congratulate thee on the improved State of thy health when I first heard thee was "shaking the dust of as a testimony against Mich. I told Elizabeth thy health would probably be the better for it, and although thee says you cannot again journey to Mich, I think according to thy own account it might be well to visit us every ten years at least, for if each visit should carry thy age back as far as the last appears to have done I do not see that thee need ever grow old -- however on more sober reflection I do not think there would be any gain in that, for I can but agree with Jane Taylor's immagined visitor from the planet Venus that "it is a great favour to be placed in a world where we can die" & inherit a letter, where neither sin nor sorrow finds an entrance, but peace & joy forever reign -- for although I have enjoyed myself during the last eighteen months as well perhaps as during any other equal period of my life, yet I have frequently thought laterly that my hold on this world was but very slight, it is true I have an affectionate wife whom I love & for whose loss I should feel sorry, & an increasingly interesting little boy that I should love to endeavour to train up in that that is declared to be the beginning of wisdom, I have also dear relatives & kind friends, but so far as relates to myself individually I see nothing to induce or wish to remain long in a world where there there[sic] are so many evils, so much sin & wickedness & so little of the vital spiritual religion that of the Gospel dispensation that breathes "Glory -- in the highest" "on earth peace & good will to men" my mind is often clothed with mourning not only on account of the general state of society at large & of our own Religious society in particular, but also on my own account, that I cannot keep more constantly on the watch, so as to let no thought ward on action escape without being brought to the light that it may be made manifest where it is wrought -- I have sometimes been favoured with such clear views of the vanity of this world, of the beauty of Holiness, & the awfulness of entering upon an unchanging & neverending state of unspeakable happiness, or unutterable woe, that if I were not sensible that of our selves we can do nothing I could but be astonished that I should frequently find myself so devoid of energy & warmth of feeling in relation respect, to that which alone is worth living for -- In relation to the subjects mentioned in thy letter, I have though for months & I believe I may say
this without looking over it years past that many of even the prominent members of our society were vergeing very fast into the very mixture out of which our primitive friends were called . & that like Epraim of old strangers were devouring their substance & they knew it not -- I had "read & approved" the article in Nos 21 & 22 of "The Friend (with the exception of one unfriendly word "war-cry" I did not like that) but not I W's letters. nor have I seen the recent work of his thee mentions, but should be glad to have them I should a suitable opportunity occurs how much he may or may not have erred I cannot tell as it is almost as easy to err on the right hand as on the left, but of one thing I feel very sure. I have seen some of J. J. Gs writings that do not accord with the writings of George Fox & the friends of his day & I think as I have long thought that when I loose my confidence in the correctness of the principles they advocated. I shall be without any religion, for I have any experience or knowledge of The Witness for Truth in my own heart, it agrees with & confirms their testimony -- At our last Q. M. the week before last we had a number of copies of an address from the meeting for Sufferings in N.Y. & also of one from N. E. one of each was read & probably there are but few of our members here but what look upon J. W. in very much about the light he is there represented, a headstrong self willed separatist, & I do not know but if any of us should undertake publicly to advocate his cause or say much against J. J. G we should be disowned too, although many disapprove of some parts of his writings "The society here has lately met with a great loss in the removal of David Harkness especially should such difficulties as thee apprehends overtake us, he seemed to be one generally looked up to & a firm believer in primitive quakerism, but he who does all things well & has seen meet in his wisdom to take him away, can raise up others to stand for his cause. & I feel the language at this time to arise, oh that he may be pleased in his mercy to raise up in our society "judges as at the first & counsellors as at the beginning" who may come forth not in thier own wisdom & strength, but in the weight & authority of his Spirit to judge down whatever is contrary thereto -- for I think I can plainly perceive that the enemies bait is so skillfully laid at this time, he has so completely assumed the appearance of an angel of light, that nothing short of the true anointing will prove infallible against his wiles although there may & no doubt will be those who will side with the right merely from the force of circumstances & prepossessions -- but I [?] this subject for the present, hopeing that all may in the end, work together
good to them who with fear & trembling in humility & true sincerity are desiring & endeavouring to walk in the light & hold the Truth as it is in their Holy head -- I should be glad to be kept apprised of any important movements that are or may be made in relation to these difficulties -- as our channel of information here is almost wholy onesided at present --, I hope sister M. & the boys are all long [?] this enjoying their usual or better state of health, & if brother J. thinks it will be returning good for evil to return answers to my letters in half the time I take, let him take example by this and write within a week -- a disease that we suppose to be the same that in some places is termed Malignant Erysipelas has made great inroads amongst us we have had I think within a few months past more deaths among our acquaintances. than during the twelve preceding years that I have lived in this state (though not all with that disease) we have been favoured to escape the disease thus far though there have been three deaths & are now quite a number of cases within less than a mile of us, among the deceased were some of the heads of our meeting an accont of two * of them I [?] forward for insertion in "The Friend" if the editor sees fit so to do with what ever abreviation or alteration he may choose to make I have myself left out at least half of what was handed me in relation to John White although he was no doubt a worthy man of whom much more might have been said in truth if brother J or one of you will please hand them to the Editor with such explanation as may seem required I shall feel much obliged. 13th Aunt P. S. has lately had an attack of inflamation of the lungs but is
much better now, she wished to send a great deal of love to you all & would be very glad if you would write to her -- our dear little Joseph H is now laboring under an attack of the same disease. but we hope he is a little better than he has been we have been up with him most of two nights past he appears to suffer a great deal but is more patient than we could expect, we think he is also cutting teeth though not shown themselves yer, it would be a very great trial to part with him & yet I would much rather he should be taken now than live to be a man & not "die the death of the righteous" I send a little lock of his hair that was taken off two or three months since --
[?] other obituary notice is not quite ready & there is no room for it in this if it was -- the tax on that bitter [?] land was 38 dollars & some cents, besides a dollar cost making nearly $40. for 3 years that remained unpaid -- with much love to all farewell J.G.
20th meeting time - cant explain now why this is here yet. Joseph H has been qute sick but is now so well that we think of taking him to meeting to day it is so bright & warm -- the Thermometer has stood for several days at nearly 90° I shall have to close