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7. mo 21st 1860. Seventh day --      You cannot expect much of interest from our warm dusty deserted city, but as it was really very kind in Sister M. to prefer our gratification to the nice walk she might have taken in such most agreeable company, I will make a great effort & gather up the news from the four quarters of the earth towards which, those for whom you inquire seem to be travelling.
      In the first place cousin Anna & Jane went, the day before your letters arrived, to Alexandria, expected to stay a week or two, then go to Ohio for an indefinite period, and then to Isaac's -- H's letter was enclosed & left at the house for C. to forward. The slip for cousin E. I gave him but it was quite an omission that you did not mention the gentleman's name I hope it will appear in your next. what
a treat it must be to meet with such a most interesting intelligent companion do let us hear more about him. If I had found such a fellow-boarder at Lenox how much more I should have enjoyed that beautiful country -- but I was utterly alone, -- no one from morning till evening to whom I could say how beautiful! no one with whom to walk -- to ride -- even to eat not the least privation -- think of sitting down to a solitary table day after day -- instead of your brilliant circle so be thankful for your privileges; & further --show your gratitude by gathering up some fragments from your intellectual feasts for the benefit of those less highly favored. -- But this is an episode -- I spent a day or two at Haverford where it was said Frank performed admirably -- that is well -- and comes under the head of compensation -- if you had seen the trunk of clothes he brought home -- coats -- pants & any quantity
tour through the western portion of our State -- but as they were described in the Bulletion I will send the scrap to save writing, provided you will be sure to return it in your next -- as the boys would like to see it. when they return.
     We have had 3 or 4 letter from J. -- mostly written under the friendly shade of some forest tree while they were resting -- he seems to enjoy the novelty wonderfully well -- considering all things -- each one carried in his knapsack beside other needful articles a blanket & the 6th part of a tent so that they could camp out at pleasure -- Yesterday J. R. and sister H left us for Atlantic city where I hope they are being refreshed this hot morning. -- Lizzie, I understand, has been there for 2 or 3 week -- of M. R. I know nothing -- 4th day -- J R. returned this morning looking much better & the boys have all reached home in safety, -- nothing decided yet as to
     Frank's future he did not see J. Thomas himself but likes his partner Herendeen, very much & may go to Macedon as one of his family if he chooses -- but the distance is so objectionable --
     No time to write more at present -- & this is in haste
     The Friend & Inquirer have no doubt been regularly sent to your address -- hope they are received. M.