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1019 Cherry St. Philada 6 mo. 18. 1861 My dear Cousin M. P. Gibbons      Late last evening I was informed of the very trying circumstances which had been permitted to come upon thee, and my sympathies have been aroused in no ordinary degree. I had previously had no intimation of dear Cousin H. being in any way out of her usual health, and consequently, the information that she had been not only suffering from extreme illness, but that she was even then numbered with the dead, and that I should see her no more, quite shocked me. -- I have also felt, and Still feel much for thee in the peculiarly trying character of the case, --which, as I understand, has cut thee off from the kind attentions and sympathies of your friends during the progress of the disease, and at the Solemn close, -- and also in the thought of the continued loneliness which thou must experience in the severance of a constant companionship of so many years. I trust however that it has all been ordered in best wisdom, and that looking to the only time Source of Comfort, thou
wilt be supported under the Afflictive dispensation --
     My dear Mary unites with me in the expression of tender Sympathy and love --
Most affectionately E. H. Bonsall