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6th day, 6,th mo, 14,th 1833      Thee may put this Canister of Ground Coffee in thy Chamber if thee has room for it, & the Bedstead goes there too, for a time at least[?] I know it will be a troublesome Job but if thee cou'd spread down the breadth, of Carpetting, & tell me how much more in length & Width will be necessary we can send it by W. J. next time, we have now fix'd upon going to morrow week, unless some unseen & unexpected occurronce takes place, to prevent[?] I feel very dull about it to day, H & I, undertook to do a little shopping yesterday, the walk prov'd too much for me, the day was warm, & on getting home, I was not cautious enough about cooling too suddenly, & to day my cough is bad, in addition to which the accounts we have daily, of the Cholera being in many parts of our country particularly at Wheeling & in the neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, & many looking for it in our City, as soon as the warm weather commences that under all these circumstances I feel it a very serious thing to leave home, & part of the Family here
the Tea Kettle is full of crokery, dont know how it will carry, hope the roll will not be lost, as there are some valuable articles on it, thought it the best way to carry without injuring the crape lise thy _ankerg[?] & the Map, the pocket Hstn[?] thee may keep I want thee to see that evry thing arives safe, Beadsteds, Sacken Bottom, & screws tea Kettle Brush & Broom, Landirons Canister & Carpetting, beside the roll.
     had thee not better have a dress of the thin Buff Gingam, it looks much better made up than the calico (which we cant get) & is so cool & pleasant, washes well I see nothing so cheap that looks so respectable
     Mother says thee must answer her questions as soon as thee can -- We had one letter from thee this week
I send 1 1/4 yds of crape lis for S. at 87./5 -- 2 little Shawls for thee .33 -- & 40 cts -- the calico was all gone, so what next Thee ought really to have written by W. I today -- will have to send a letter past yet I think before we go -- 'Tis so very warm I should be glad to make my escape tomorrow -- but mother thinks she cannot go yet
We have "Nature display'd" by Da_[?] [?] 2 large vols -- I wish I knew whether I had best take it -- dont know what that pronouncing Dictionary is --
     Have been very busy preparing for company this mornin -- expect J. Tallcot & wife from S Kaneoteles & W. & E. Evans --