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Wilmington -- 9. mo. 17. 1829 -- Dear Mary --      Being much a stranger to thee I do not know what thee will think of the proposal I am about to make to thee -- but believing thou will recieve it with the same friendly disposition in which it is made I will briefly state -- that my husband & myself have undertaken the charge of a boarding school which requires the aid of several teachers & assistants of various qualification, -- for one year we have been agreeably aided by Elizabeth Oakford but her health not being sufficient for the station -- & her mother much dissatisfied at her being so far from home in her present delicate state -- she has concluded to leave us -- & we are now looking about for some one to supply her place -- As it is an important one & we do not wish to be hasty about it -- we have thought it would be right to enquire of thee whether thou would be willing to come for two or three months as the months -- as the case may be -- & assist us in our important concerns to the best of thy ability -- I would not have thee be discouraged by a feeling of diffidence -- or fear of wanting the necessary qualification, -- but recollect that we are in want of help -- & that if thee can mend a pen & attend a little to the cyphering arithmetic. thee can be useful -- and we shall be still more glad if thee should feel willing to assist in the care of the children &c. -- Be so kind as to write to us immediately -- or -- it would be particularly acceptable if thou could make us a little visit
and see about it for thyself -- we can then discuss the matter fully as to terms[?] -- the time of thy coming &c. &c. -- E. Oakford is kindly unwilling to leave us without some one in her place --& as it may be a disadvantage to her to stay longer than a week or two more -- it is desirable to us to make such an arrangment as shall enable us to accommodate her in this respect --
     Hoping our proposal may meet thine & thy parents' approbation -- to whom we wish to be respectfully mention'd -- we remain thy friends -- Samuel & Margaret Hilles -- Mary Gibbons