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Phila 12th mo. 6th 1828 Seventh day morning Dear Mary:      Jno Deacon just now Stopped in at the office to Enquire if we had any commands for Burlington, said he had seen Mary yesterday & she was well -- I first told him no, as I knew there was nothing prepared nor time to do it in by the Girls, if I was even to go home for the purpose. they are So busy at their coats -- A. Hudson was here for the last two & to day they want to finish -- So concluded if Jno would wait I would Scribble a few lines to Serve for the present --
     thy small packet with $15 inclosed came Safe to hand, it was left with J. K. in my absence -- I expect from his description by Maria -- H's health better than it has been latterly, tho' still complaining of Pain in her Side & the back part of her head, particularly since her present close application at mantua making -- the rest of us about middling, nothing to brag of -- thy mother & me were at H. Lewis's wedding last 4th day as O--s, a small company (about 30) very few young persons --, and a very quiet orderly company -- we did not go till near dark & left by half past 9. -- there is much less parade & a great Saving of Expense in this way of having only an Evening entertainment, H & I, went to J. Pauls & spent 3d - day Evining with G & Ann Jones[?] -- don't know which course they will go next -- we invited them, & they said they would like to come & See us -- but I think 'tis very uncertain
being crampt for time & my head in such a bewildered State that I cannot think of any thing worth writing Shall close this with my best love --
J.G.      I shall urge the Girls to write to thee more in detail as soon as they can --