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6th day      J. Deacon call'd to see us last evening, & kindly offer'd to take a letter, but we had just sent one by H. Richardson, therefore have nothing particularly to say yet I thought perhaps, even a line or two just to tell thee we are all tolerably well, might be acceptable. we have no further accounts from Joseph of H, in a few weeks the frds will be going on to Ohio Y. Meeting, it will be a good oppertunity to send letters to J. as there will be several I suppose from this City. if thee is so dispos'd thee can write & forward thy letter to us & we will take care to have it convey'd to him.
     4th day last was our monthly M__ we all din'd at Blakys, on special invitation, Mary appears to be considerably better, has been 2 weeks up at Downingtown with all the children. was very kind I believe we have not told thee that Sarah Loyd is, & has been for several months past, in poor health -- pain in her side &c, looks a good deal alterd A H & A M D are still absent from the City -- don't forget that we are glad to hear from thee every oppertunity
S G      Joanna & the children are out at Woolsmans. she sent word lately that there was room for me -- but I cannot make up my mind to leave home yet
mother handed me this letter to make some addition but it must be very little under my present circumstances & inability to write legibly -- having about a week since mashed the forefinger of my right hand at the root of the nail -- which for some days was very painful -- & much Swell'd the nail of course black & will doubt come off -- it is in short just as my thumb was only worse & the only old thing of finger. Stalls[?] has to be gone over, as it their way - that I belive lasted 9 months -- if this should as long it will be a great disadvantage & loss. I write this with the remaining three fingers, but it feels very awkward & besides my nerves are very much irritated with the extremely warm weather we have had for 3 days past & at this moment (near one oClock) I am perspiring profusely) so that I expect thee will not be able to read this scrawl -- & having nothing particularly to communicate as I suppose thy mother & M. has said all that is necessary Shall conclude with my love I.[?] G. S. Lightfoot is in town & was to be at our house to Dinner -- & I was at urged to come home early -- which however will not be the case as I had to get this ready to leave for J. Deacon who was to call at the office between 2 & 3 for it -- a time when I would wish to be at home -- 7th mo. 25th --