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6th day      I was glad to hear of thy safe arrival at West H. & have been looking dayly for some further account from thee respecting thy future movements -- yesterday I made a visit to A H she came home on 2nd day last, had been sent for on account of Edwards sickness, Dr had receiv'd intelligence of his being very ill, & went to Jersy for him, found it necessary to bring him home on a bed, he continued bad for several days, but is now recovering fast -- Anna & the rest of the children well, __ I gave her the letter & purse, she admir'd it very much, said it was beautiful that she had a nice clasp suitable for it, & wou'd lay it by for her best.
     I fear these stockings are too small, & as I am footing another pair for thee, shou'd like to know as soon as convenient how they fit, they are very easily wash'd & will do without boiling ('tho better with) so that thee can wash them out & hang them up in a tree or in thy room ev'ry week, if thee chooses, -- we have had no further account from J or H, since the letter thee sent Hannahs fall & the feelings occasion'd by it has given me considerable uneasyness, & I am anxious to hear from he'r. Mary Huges is deceased a few days since -- & there is a good deal of sickness in many families, I hope my dear Mary thee will be very carefull of thyself
If thee has time, I shou'd like thee to purchase materials for 2 purses, the first one for thy Aunt Hannah W who is expected here in a few weeks, & the other for Aunt Jane, but I recollect that will not be wanted this 2 months as she is not to come untill Aunt H's return when Uncle Green is to accompany her -- I will pay all expences, & wish thee to put the initials of H W on it -- if thee is very much engag'd or if it wou'd encroach too much on time whicd shou'd be otherwise employ'd -- let it rest -- Anna says the brown silk is much the best, as the green fades & looks old much sooner. -- we wish to know what thee gave for thy bonnet. -- Anna says she often saw Mary B while at the Springs, she frequently rides out with gentlemen, has got a Leghorn with a large bow, & a pongee riding dress trim'd with black & is call'd the pretty miss Bringhurst -- of course they never spoke, having no acquaintance, A says she is beautiful, tho' she only saw her, silent, & with her Hat on.
Samedi matin      I am in the midst of my seventh day's business & have only time to scribble a few hasty lines but they might be more acceptable than the blank page Mother was going to send -- have made a very pleasant visit of three or four days at Friend M's since thee left us -- Cedar Grove is delightful in itself & with such society I did enjoy it exceedingly think it quite a privilege to be admitted into such a family -- they moved to town this week --Henry M -- made us a visit during my stay at the Grove [?] did not seem to know any thing about Hannah's plans -- I made several calls yesterday where I should have been glad of thy company -- particularly at Regina Shobur's & E. Evans -- the former -- had just been cupped for violent headach -- quite poorly -- the latter has been very much confined lately with sickness in her family -- the Infant had two fits -- has been ill but nearly recover'd -- M___[?] -- Erasmus waited on[?] me from meeting the other day -- he is -- no matter
     Father must take this -- Adieu do write soon & longer letters --