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2nd Day night as these things go &[?] Saml. Gumm__[?] we think best not to Sans Souci 2nd mo: 5th trouble him with raisons & tooth powder The inclosed letter from M. Bringhurst was handed me by Cousin Poplar First day afternoon Ive met him between 9th & 10th Streets on our way to meeting & he walked with us Several Squares -- had just been to see Harry[?] Gibbons, he said, who is sick in our neighbourhood at a most unfortunate time when he is preparing to graduate -- & he himself resides in the City now tho[?] where or for what purpose we have not discover'd - he says M. B. is in good health & spirits; wish I could peep into her letter & see what she says for herself Cousin P. has been travelling -- enquired when thee is coming home --wantsto see thee.
     Thy note by R. S. arrived the same morning I sent one by Mentor -- we forwarded most of the things requested -- the black silk is ready to go by the first Co__[?][?] also some Raisons which we got cheap by taking a small box, I wanted a [?] dont understand about the bonnet strings -- Here is the Tooth powder & collars & c.
     A few Eveneings before I return'd -- Georg[?] & Ann Jones, H. Evans &c. took tea at Sans Souci, as very sociable & pleasant visit they say. I was quite grieved at having miss'd them -- The day following my return M. A. Priscom. D. Passmore & the beatiful Mary & Elisabeth Smith made us a visit -- those Smith girls are charming --we can rarely feast our optics on such lovely faces -- M. Griscom was in P, attending her Aunt Richardson's funeral & Cousin M. Hoskins -
     When Mentor came 6th day morning to take leave of me he laid a package on the table, & in going out said I might Select what was good & throw the rest by. On opening the bundle -- found it consisted four
of a Complete set of Byron's works -- a splendid edition in eight Volumes What shall I do! 'Tis umco queer to present a lady with various of these poems, profane & vulgar in the extreme; but the little man is guiltless for he never read them himself & would be as much scandolized as any woman if he knew their character -- set that down[?] to the score of his ignorance as no offence was intended, none was given, tho' some of these volumes I would neither read myself nor lend to any one else, nor suffer to remain where they could be seen -- two whole books elegantly bound
occupied with "Don Juan" -- I must either return them or have them exchang'd If the set could be broken -- Should like to keep "Childe Harold." "Corsair", "Lara," "Giaour" English Bards & Scotch Reviewers", "Lament of Tasso", Prisoners of Chillon," "Manfred, Bride of Abydos", Hebrew Melodies", & most of the Jupiter[?] pieces -- 3 volumes would contain my selections --- Time was, when I should have thought them an invaluable treasure, but I am not so eager to possess many books as I used to be -- nor the enthusiastic admirer of Byron I was when when younger -- my taste has changed & I feel as if his dark spirit could afford little pleasure or profit in a sick chamber.
     When I see Mentor again I must settle the matter, in the mean time what is thy opinion?
Received a long letter from Aunt H Wright dated the beginning of 1st month -- Friends usually well. Uncle B. had been travelling with Elisha B. -- the Weston[?] disturbance concerning A. Parker had circulated far & wide; before Aunt Arrived of Mt Pleasant __ "A. had written to her father expressing abundance of humility & penitence & asking forgiveness for her conduct & concluded by saying, for her conscience sake, she must bring H. S. in as an accomplice of her guilt." -- Is it not Scandalous? She remains at Weston. Speaking of the homeward Journey Aunt says -- "I had never seen the mountains clad in their winter garb before; it is truly splendid & highly interesting -- sigh well worth passing thro' some pr__[?] to witness-- the evergreens were [?]bending under large snow balls, [?] & had the appearance of a garden
Father desired as 'tis against the law here to pass a note of less than five dollars that thee will take no small notes, at least bring none home --      Has thee visited M Woolman yet -- this is a beautiful young moon for you -- & how is thy Squire Johannes -- & Proge's[?] frozen toes?
     Write soon -- & remember me to Friend S -- doubtless you know Dr. B seems recovering -- Isaac W. M.__ appears better also but if the complaint should prove disification[?] of the heart as some have apprehended, there is little dependance on apparent health -- M. Howell & C. Evans Statu quo ites together with myself -- somedays better, some days worse, no material change. feel pretty comfortable just now, but dare not venture to meeting this date day [?] First day 2nd mo 8th