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Evandale 3rd Day As this little youth expects to be at Wm. Trimbles to day I thought I should like to enquire what you are doing & how time passes there. Something pleasant has open'd for me every day thus far & I never enjoy'd a visit here so much before The next day after we came I rode six miles on horseback to Warwick Furnace & round the neighborhood. 7th day most of the family attended the Temperance Mtg all indeed but Molly Tacy & me. the day was very fine & I rambled alone in the woods & gather'd wild flowers not a few -- to dress a flower Pot -- had taken my Sewing -- but the musquitoes
Elisabeth E. & her child -- a very interesting little girl & a great darling with all the family -- they will remain here a few days -- We have had many visitors on account of the Meeting. Some whose acquaintance I was glad to make -- If I stay till Sixth day Evan will take me to Quarterly M. = I am at a loss what to do, had not come prepared to [?] so long -- & cannot tell how these three days will be occupied -- we have not been over to Coxes yet -- nor to French Cr. Falls. Men & horses have been at leisure thus far, but I believe they are going to be busy now -- They urge my staying -- I wish thee could let me know your prospects, or take a ride over -- all enquire after thee. If the weather Should be cool I can do for clothes at 2. M. -- but as it is now I could not think of going without the Lawn dress in my trunk -- if thee comes near the time & it Seems warm please bring it & the Cape & if thee comes any time, bring my best shoes out
would allow of no serving in their premeses First day attended Meeting at the dear Old Spot & Jesse invited me very handsomely to visit them. Yesterday Evan Tacy & I travelled over these beautiful hills once more to Pugh Town I had been longing to see that part of the country again, it does me good to breathe the air -- & a visit to Jesse is one of the greatest treats I have all summer. We all enjoy'd it very much not excepting the old Patriarch himself. Evan Said when he reach'd home 'Well I dont Know when I have had Such a pleasant afternoon" -- returning we call'd for
of the top of the trunk -- I have wanted them badly has thee been to West Chester or Mary B.s yet. do Send me word by any opportunity What you are doing -- Who goes to the Morristown Convention?
     In great haste as thee may judge H --