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Fourth day 9 mo 10th 34 - continued      I have just returned to the office after dispatching D. Frock with my hasty half finished notes & a few apples & potatoes I wrote as fast & as long as I write Scratch in order to get all in that was possible by that conveyance and now resume my pen though I foresee that this also must be a hurried scrawl if it goes into the Post Office to night -- it is now between 3 & 4 oClock, the whole day, so far has been consumed in running after Frock to the entire neglect of the Office, Excepting, meeting time, preparing for it, & taking the necessary refreshment, it is so extreamly inconvenient -- & such a distance from Pine St. to the corner of Race & 4th. -- last Evening as soon as I got Supper (which by the, by was an hour after all the others had done, as I staid at the office & wrote those rough notes by Candle light in order to have some thing prepared, knowing thee would be anxious to hear from me & that I could not do it in the morning) I went up to look for frock between 8 & 9, he had not come -- then went to cousin Debby's to see Hannah, Staid & chatted a good while with them -- she has not been so well some part of the time since her return as when she came, Staid out of school the day before, but was better that day & had been at School, but I need not Spend time in saying any more as she told me she had a letter written to send by mail & perhaps it will come when this does -- I then had to go home for some necessaries I wanted, so that it was pretty late by the time I got to my lodgings (I cannot find the linen Night Shirt thee Spoke of & therefore have had none, as I did not choose to take & leave there in sight such as I had -- but mean to manage differently now by having my velise there I can put my Shirt & cap Pills & Shaving utensils --had to shave twice at home with cold water in it -- the weather has been very warm & sultry untill last night & to day it is pleasant, the musquitoes not so exceeding troublesome, but bad enough yet, have to be either battling them, off continually, or covering the head entirely over, to avoid them, (and thus I got some sleep--) but I do not know that it is so in 10th St. I did not find any place when I have been Shaving & dressing -- this morning after
breakfast went again up to Race St. D. F.'s waggon was there hunted him in vain in the market wishing to send several things by him but could not tell whether he could take them or when he was going -- after another effort in the market -- went to meeting, then hurried to Race St. again, F. was Still out, abot. getting his load, -- I had just recd M's letter & wishing to Send that also to avoid Double postage, I concluded to run Down to market & get a few apples & Potatoes thinking he would be back by that time, but he had not Still come, it then wanted but about 10 or 15 minutes of Dinner time & the rule is not to wait one minute for any one -- I throw'd them into a barrell in the waggon & told the Landlord that I was going to Dinner & would be up again, immediately after, as I wanted to send a letter, but that if Frock came in the mean time & started without my Seeing him, what he was to do with the things -- I was there again before 2 oClock D. F. Still out then went to J. Keinrle's[?] to write some more -- returned at 1/2 past 2 -- F. still out -- so to avoid missing the opportunity, sat down there to write -- he soon came in -- & I had to cut my communication Short as I have informed -- I fully intended to have sent thee a few cantelopes, but could not -- Frock is partly loaded with water mellons & Pickles he is taking up for Sale -- on my way up to Race St. I met our friend J. R. he was well & smiling as usual, Enquired kindly after all of you particularly, if you were come, & when you were coming &c. &c. -- could not Stay long Excused myself on accot. of the urgency of my business to try to send by the waggon &c. & passed on he had been down by the House (&c. so several others told me they had) to see if we were come -- no account yet from Joseph -- it was Reported in town that I had gone to Michigan to see him. cousin Jane says she told Several that I had & thought it was so, She got it from Some Person whom I had done business for between them & said he had been at the office not long before & I had been at their House -- but how in the world he could have so misunderstood, I am at a loss to tell -- cousin Ann said her father thought it could not be so, or I would have told him -- but Jane insisted upon it that it was -- She is a positive body, but very kind --
     I had to quit when after Supper at the Office -- I wrote the above to go home for my Velise, &c. and
getting Short of room & nothing further occurs at present, shall close with my dear love to thee & thy Girls, Saml. & Rachel -- J. G intend writing to M. & perhaps send her Some or all of the things she mentions on 7th day -- I thought to day I was really Glad, it was the last time I should have to run so after Frock --
attend to some other matters & have now returned to finish these notes by candle light -- all the folks who enquire after you want to know when you are coming, but I have been pretty careful not to commit myself -- upon conversing with Some few as respects the prospect of business, they say money is more plenty & that business is better & getting more into the Old Channel than it was some time ago & If I had not been so exceedingly worried & every moment of my time taken up to day I should have went round to many of my customers to let them know of my return & readiness to attend to business, there was no letter or note left for me & not many that called so that upon the whole I don't find yet that any thing Suffered in my absence & I seem to have laid in a fresh Stock of health -- cousin H. L. told me as respects Doctors family, that Sydney had not recd any letter from them since their arrival at the Springs, but that a letter had been recd by one of the Logan family from a Person of the name of Gray at the Springs which accot. she thought might be depended upon. that cousin Mary was so exhausted when she arrived there that she was for [?] after confined to her bed but had recruited a bit [?] be able to sit up & even walk into the large R [?] called the Ballroom --& that cousin A. had also been [?] on the way as we before heard -- no further particulars divers friends at meeting today seemed pleased to see me, it was a large meeting as most of the wanderers have got back to the City -- after meeting Jona. told me that Ann Mifflins House had been broken open & robbed, her plate & other valuables taking even her bank book & a Check forged to draw her money out of the Bank, but they did not succeed, there was not time to go into particulars & I do not know whether any one was taken up on that accot. or not -- I then spoke to Ann, herself & she said she was Robbed of her Plate &c. it was while she was at Westtown -- In respect to the Bedsteads I have written about -- they will be Painted & varnished and all complete -- I told him we wanted no foot Board, the head Posts & Board will not be as high as cousin H's & lighter I don't care how soon thee informs me what thee thinks of them that I may bespeak them forthwith -- and now as I am