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8th month 6th 1825      I must steal a moment in which to continue my journal if it were only to make Mary ashamed of her indolence --
     I had flatterd myself That our Reverend friend of patient memory was offended past forgiveness but my segacity was never more at fault -- beleive I shall now cease to calculate upon such a result -- the evening after my last was written the youth aforesaid made his appearance, book in hand apparently utterly ignorant that I had voluntarily absented myself during his last three last visits -- but the "Vexation of vexations" was that Ann T_ should come then of all other times to spend the evening -- she had calld Fitzray -- Marcus -- in the morning -- & would scarcely beleive my assertions to the contrary -- how
provoking that these children should continually have fresh food for their folly --
     6th day morning a very pleasant -- I might almost add interesting & agreeable visit from Anna H -- She did not know that you had left P_ seemd quite the cousin Anna -- I had known in the days of other years -- invited me to visit them & very politely offerd me an asylum, in my present desolate & forsaken condition -- What a surprizing effect Aunt Jane's absence produces
     -- In the afternoon I suddenly my friend Mary W. astonish'd me not a little by making her appearance at Sans Souci after such an age of forgetfulness -- very pleasant evening with her -- she insists upon my spending a week at Woodbury -- but, as usual I decline the invitation -- this month at least it would be out
of the question if we go to Sh_ and to Burlington --
     Mon pere has told you that Marcus came again & brought tidings of your movements -- but Father can enlarge upon his visit -- as he received & entertained him --
     Please give my love to Anne I should have enjoyd spending [?] __day[?] with her -- but under existing[?] [?] a circumstances I cannot think of it = -- not yet determined where I shall take up my abode -- have thought of going to Cousin Jane's --
     It is well you concluded not to Return -- for the wandering Philologist has not been heard of since I last wrote --