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willing to trust her alone, so far, very often the grass, which is strong & high this Summer is so very wet with frequent Showers & heavy dews that it is altogether unfit for her to travel thro'. she is now, my all, my sole dependance, & I am anxious about her health, & wish to take care of her, tho' she sometimes will give me the slip, when I happen to oversleep myself, to take her early walk, & meet the Sun upon the upland lawn & in the evening to take her book & sit upon a Rock to study Botany, or something better on 7 th day last we bake'd our new fashion'd Cake, (excellent, wish you had half of it) put our house in order, & I cannot tell how many hundred times I look'd up the hill with my seeing specks for Father & Hannah till the Shades of evening chang'd all to sober grey. & then said, we shall surely have a letter to morrow, as they have not come, but to morrow, the next da__[?] the next have dragg'd there slow length along without a word from home. but hope that comes to all, has not quite deserted me as W. S. or E Kirk [?]were not at meeting on 1st day. we prevail'd on Samy to saddle the 2 horses, & Mary & I had a very delightful ride round by Ludwigs to see after the letter. the first time I have been on horseback, I enjoy'd it very much tho' it weary'd me considerably I had thought much of going down in the stage to see you this week, but the difficulty of getting from here, even one mile to the stage, is so great that I have given out going at all from present prospects. we have not W. T. to call on. --
mowing & harvest will shortly commence but that will make no differance to your coming when will it be, here we remain in ignorance of all the important affairs that are going on & have so much time & quiet to think, it is really a great drawback to thy pleasure I might enjoy if we cou'd have more frequent & regular intelligence from you, surrounded as we are by many blessings, & comforts, I endevor to cultivate a chearful & thankful disposition, but at times when feverish & nervous these some things weigh heavy on my spirits. give my best love to cousin A. Sister Jane. M. S. & all inquiring frds by no means forgetting the 2 at 149 S. Tenth Street S G & cousin H L her parents are well as usual      S took the horses from the plow & sister R & I rode to meeting, as soon as it clos'd inquir'd of E K[?], for a letter there was none, felt badly, we however proceeded to J. W's near half a mile beyond the meeting house, who very politely agreed to bringing any bundle, package or letters from the city, weekly, when we wish'd it on inquiry when or what day he wou'd go this week that is his man, or the neighbor that hauls for him. his reply was, that he had loaded at his house on 2nd day evening, & he expected him back to night, this was another dissapointment, he said if I wou'd leave a letter there on 2nd day next it shou'd be sent so I had to fold up this scrawl which I had open'd to make a little addition there & seal -- after taking dinner went up stairs & began to be very sorrowful, when hearing a slight noise at our door & looking round what did I see
nothing more or less than Anna Mary with the long wish'd for letter in her hand, what a change of feeling did the perusal produce, it has kept me pretty busy for me to read it 4 or 5 times in the course of the afternoon & M to comment on its contents
what did Aunt J & Anna say of their visit thee is silent on that head.
     do not let Father worry himself about this said Frock, I insist upon his not doing so if very busy -- find upon further inquiry he firsts/suits [?]up at the 7 Stars corner of Race & 4th too long a walk this hot weather
4th day 2nd of 7[?]th mo 1834 No letter yet, no tidings from P. since our frds left us, in a state of anxiety & suspence which continues to increase with me untill the present moment, not only on account of our dear Mary B. H. but yours who occupy so much of my thoug_[?] more especially as the last we heard from Hannah was pain in her side, & & sense of weareness, which I fear portended no good, there may be a letter of the post O. now, this is preparative Meeting day if I get there (which is doubtful as the horses are in the plow & S. dont attend M's for dicipline) & find none, shall be sadly dissapointed, shall then take this to J. Whitesides, & try to prevail on his man to leave it at 96 Wt street, he is not able to go himself having been confin'd to the house for some time with the rheumatism or we might perhaps have communicated with you thro him ere now, I fear Father went in search of him on 6th day last, & was very sorry I had said anything about it, *from last summer please not send Peas of any kind[?] of vegatables, as we will now have more than enough, our garden is very flourishing & such frequent bring showers brings things forward rapidly, -- I sometimes think you can hardly make allowance for our neglects as you may suppose, in not writing more frequently, but we are very differantly situated in that respect I seem to be planted here, the extent of my walks are to the Bars by the road, & back again -- quite enough at one time, & Mary has not yet learn'd[?] the way across the woods, & feilds to the P. O. tho' there is a house half way that she has sometimes left the letters at which are taken over by the Man who belongs to it as he goes to work daily at Kirks, indeed I am not