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Oley -- 10 Mo 24 -- 1819 -- Oley -- 10 Mo 24 -- 1819 --      Truly my dear Mother thy plain matter of fact letter -- was more interesting to Matima -- than a whole library of novels -- I was ready with Domino to exclaim prodigious -- when I beheld two sheets full in thy own hand writing -- and concluded the workshop in thy brain -- had not experienced the pressure of the times or it would not so liberally furnish current coin -- but I find half of, it was the production of Sylvestris -- what a life she leads --
     "Blest girl! her bower is ever green Her sky is ever clear She has no sorrow in her song no winter in her year" --
     While Matima -- the Recluse of C__ persues with steady step -- the plain unembellish'd path of real life -- seldom does does she indulge herself in the society of the sons of song or inhale the balmy fragrance of fancy's gay parterre -- nonentity will not spoil her with flattery -- and she can never forget that she is mortal in such a place as this -- it is the very spot to entomb vanity! and annihilate pride! -- such a neighbourhood! -- I think one half of the inhabitants might justly be call'd the personifications of the various grades of stupidity -- "have hairbrained sentimental traces In their unletter'd nameless faces" -- And if I were to add my opinion of the other moiety -- you would think me illiberal and unjust -- but the fact is I have no society out of our own family -- and there we are quite too busy to talk of sentiment, poetry, and love -- the prevailing topics with our modern young ladies -- but you will suppose I have been taking a lesson from Diagenes if I continue in this style mais en verite il ne pas vrais --
before I proceed with any account of my recent adventures I must make some remarks on Mothers letter as she wishes me to notice all her information -- R Kimbers love was very acceptable Please remember me to her and kiss -- little Anna for me -- poor George B -- how distressing must be his situation -- J Bonsall -- is now -- sans doubt one of the proudest and happiest of fathers -- do not suffer yourselves to experience any uneasiness relative to my eyes they are as well as usual -- but for some time past -- they have not relish'd reading a writing by candle light --
     The infatuated Lydia L__ is at length married with such a home and such enjoyments -- dwelling in the sunshine of prosper liberty how could she condemn herself to wear for life the matrimonial fetters -- I am pleased to hear W. Planner has returnd to his helpless family -- and it glads my heart to learn that Melmand inhabits the same planet which contains Juliet -- notwithstanding the various terrestrial retardations which have so long separated us and thus induced me to doubt his existence --
     Can it be possible T K__ is to pass so soon -- ? I hope he will send express for Matima if she is to witness the important ceremony.
     I fear -- thee will like Blakey & as well Mother -- he seems to supply the place of sons and daughters -- of late -- please remember me to him -- tell him I am much obliged for his attention to you during the absence of your two daughters amiable and interesting filles -- If I dare I would congratuate him on his bright prospects -- I can think of no girl more person so well calculated for him as the one he has chosen -- May they be happy -- but alas! for his stove -- out of pure compassion for its deserted situation -- I think we must have it in our Old Maids Hall -- Martha B__s letter's are very interesting -- I intended to have written to her this morning but I fear under existing circumstances it will be impossible -- if I do not -- present my case -- and thanks to her -- she has been very good about writing -- I wish I could repay her attention -- I will try to send her a letter at quarterly meeting. --
If my letter has reached Sidney why does she not write? I have not received one line from her since I came -- tis passing strange -- I hope you have visited the mourning widow of our friend J. Johnston What a shock it must have been to the family -- I am pleased to hear of Uncle E B__s recovery -- And Dr's are moving -- What a change for a few months absence from the city will present to Matima even in the small circle of her friends -- I wish much to see Anna -- and her interesting little family -- please give my best love to her -- If my dear cousin would endeavour to divest herself, of the care of a wife and the anxiety of a Mother for an hour or two perhaps she would favour me with some account of her past and present situation and feelings -- How much I shall miss Edward's my love to them -- when you meet -- it will be a good stopping place for us Oley friends when we come down to your quarterly & yearly meetings --
     I am glad to hear you still retain possession at Sans Souci -- as to thy Downingtown excursion -- in toto it was was very interesting -- my love to A. Hutchinson -- & Jane and how is she and the child -- Now I think I certainly have satisfied Mother for once -- but while I have thus minutely replied to her various subjects my time has been passing rapidly away -- Our man John[?] will call for my letter in a very short period -- [?] [?] write[?] relative to moi meme -- what is to be done? [?] to not know[?] he intended to start today or I should have tried to have written before -- much as I am constanty engaged -- we have had numerous visitors of late -- Grand Parents have been gone a week to Nantmeal[?] -- they will probably remain there a month.
     last 15th day my new friend Nancy Lee -- sent her brother for Matima as she insisted on my passing the day with them -- immediately after dinner -- we left home for the express purpose of visiting Mountain Mary -- And now indeed I regret that my time is so limited -- it is impossible for me to give you a description of my feelings on this occasion -- I never was more interested. --
Next morning my friends brother escorted me to Uncles and in half an hour I was on the road to Reading -- our carriage contained Dr's wife Nurse and child -- Betsy Baum -- Dr. Evans and Matima -- Dr J accompanied us on horseback -- We dined at Baums -- I made A Jackson a viz -- they all insisted on my spending a week or two with them -- Charles said he would bring me to Uncle's whenever I chose -- if I would consent to remain there a few days -- but Aunt's situation did not permit me to hesitate a moment as to returning -- I came back the same evening -- I believe I have not written since C's last visit -- he was here 6th day week -- and sewed for Matima almost the whole evening -- malgrè all the attractions of his brothers wife and child -- who were up stairs -- He goes to attend lectures this day week -- and insists on my accompanying him that I may be there at Quarterly meeting -- how considerate ! My new favorite J. Lee lodged with is last night -- he brought Matima the two last Numbers of the Record and read to dville[?] to her in the evening -- had it not been for his visit this scrawl would not have been written in such haste -- but I hope it will at least convince you that you are still dear to your & Matima.