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Philada the 1 of ye 3 mo 1718 dear Brother We Received thine by Capt Anniss dated above seven Months before it came to hand for he was drove away from the Capes to was for at[?] away to Meviss so that he did not arrive here till the 23 of the last Month Wherein thee Makes great Complaint of our negligence of not writing to thee it is true We received thine from barbadoes and liknesse writ thee an Answer to it so that I do not see where we are so much to blame though thy reflections Comes by Wholesale not only upon us but on our profession which we cannot but wage a little hard and as[?] for thy telling us of not Writeing by First[?] becoming as it were from our own doors we could not then tell where to write to thee but after that writt to thee to barbadoes, now Concerning the giving thee power to sell the house we have gott a copy of the will and have had advice upon it and all that have seen it gives it as their judgment that there are very disputable points in it Concerning mothers holding of it for her life which many are of opinion she may do it being to short on our side there fore Without Coming to some Composition they will not give it up without we could recover it by law which we are not willing to do but rather wait till some way or other is made for us dear brother thee writes of hearing of our sisters death and that thee art informed that thee cann recover her part which if that be thy design It and all that sees the will are fully persuaded that was not Intended[?] By our father so that if thee should do any such thing it would be very dishonest in itself therefore hard hopeng thee art guided by a better principle of honesty and <unclear>willt do his Sister justice shall leave the event to Almighty God Who have the disposall of all things in his great hand Whom I beseech to guide and protect the by his divine providence and
keep thee out of all hurt full things
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Our[?] Mother have been very weakly for this 3 or 4 months last past with a sort of a fever and Ague which some times is very violent upon her she was somthing better but last time we heard from her she had it come on again so not having to add having informed thee in a letter dated about 6 months before this which also went by way of Lisbourn of our sisters Sarahs death and sister marys mariage to Edward Pilkinton that lived with Caleb Jacobs shall Conclude with Mine and husbands dear love to thee desiring thy wellfare hear and eternal well being hereafter is all at present from thy loving sister Hannah Allen
     Our sister Mary and her husband desires to have their loves remembred to thee they have had one child and buried it and she is big with another and we have had one likwise and buried it it lived but eleven days and we are also like to have another Samuel Shreta[?] is maried to Agness Warder and Sarah Lee is maried to ffrancis Nowls[?] and Jane Harrod is Maried to John Owen Cozen William Moninton and his Wife are well and have got a son avery likly child it is now about a quarter of a year old