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New Hope Sixth Mo 26th My dear Daughter,      We are at length after Diverse attempts once more located up here. I had almost dispaired geting up here this Summer, as fast as one set left us, another came, but finally last sixth day, after Fannie, Mollie, and Otis left us, I cleared right up with Helen, and old Aunt Rachel, and left Henry to come up yesterday with Father, John, Julianna, and their Children. we are all in the midst of bustle, and confusion, no house Cleaning done. Rachels Fanny, who was to have had it all ready for us, after geting up some of the carpets, was taken very sick, and has not been able to do a stroke at it since, so instead of finding every thing in
apple pie order when I got here, I was greeted with bare floores, and a Supper of Black Tea, and dry Bread, I wrote Ruth Word several days before that we were comeing, and to have things ready, but I am sure she did it for impudence. Fortunately, I had brought up enough butter for Tea, and Breakfast, thinking maby hers would not be as good as ours, and that Rachel Horn's would come fresh the next morning, but her Ladyship declines serving New Hopers this summer with any thing. so we have the pleasure of eating rank oily Butter all Summer.
     As the Fair does not close untill next third day night Emma had to remain in the City, as cousin Anna Randolph said she could not doo without her Aids, but I thought Nell had been there long enough,
and insisted on her comeing up with me. she had several crying spells about it, and beg'd very hard to stay. I had every thing ready to come up last sixth day week, my Trunk pack'ed, all the Beding washed and packed away, and the Spare rooms lock'ed up. when in the morning I received a Telegraph from Fannie, that they would be there that evening, I had to Telegraph up here, that I could not come. directly afterwards, Annie Camby left her Bagage at the door, and said if it was convenient she would come and lodge with us. after dinner, Jule, John and the children came over to stay, and just as Supper was ready, Doctor John Winslow arrived, a very welcome visitor. and George brought Ben Frismuth home with him to stay all night, so we had four extra Beds to make.
which was somewhat trying to the flesh, as I found the Servants were a good-deal put out. --
      The morning I came out of town, our Dreamer, Georgie, said", Dick will be home to night, for I have dreamed that he was on his way home". I replied if I thought so, I would not go up to day. but Father said he thought he would be home the good begining of the Week. and about an hour after I left, Dickey walked in. I am most Crazy to see him. and hope he will come up with Emma next forth day. and just as soon as I can rush through with House Cleaning, we expect to start off on our Journey out to see thee. but will write again, and let thee know when we shall leave.
     Thy letter that thee sent up here, was remailed, and sent down to me. I beleive I have attended to the most of thy commissions. I have another letter to write this afternoon, and must draw this to a close. hopeing to see you soon, with much love I remain your affectionate Mother.