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Philada 2nd Mo 12th 60 My Dear Daughters      I received a most singular letter yesterday, I would not like to say for certain, who it was from, but it was directed to me, and commenced, dear Mother. I do'nt think it was from Edward, for it was not his hand writing, and it spoke of persons, who I know live down south. but it had neither name, date, or place of residence. but as it said something about returning Home in the course of two, or three weeks, we think it must have been from Mary. and as we
have not received a letter from you for two weeks, we donot know how long ago this was writen, nor whether to expect her this this week, next, or the week after. if I were in a scolding humour, I should lay it on her pretty heavy, for such a careless manner of doing things. but hope in a few days, we shall have another letter, that will enlighten us a little more on the subject.
     Emma wrote to you last first day, and I suppose told you R__ and myself, had gone up to NH, to attend Mags passing. well, all things passed of as usual on such occasions. The young folks of course makeing out elegantly, 'tho no one heard hardly a word.
I occupied the dignified position of seting as Mother to Mag. the day was rainy, and the roads terrible. Mag, rode in a Buggy with the Doctor. and I expected her elegant Brocade Silk dress, and new Bonnet, would have been ruined. but I beleive they came out all right.
     Shanie looks distressed, and is not any more, nor as much reconciled to it, than she was at first. but Peggy, is all life, and happiness.
     I left Emma, poorly, with an absess in her head, and Aunt Julianna, with a heavy cold and came back, and found them both, much more poorly. I sent for Levick right away. and Uncle Richard, sent for Doctor Pepper.
Aunty has been realy ill, with Numonia. but is better now, and seting up some to day. but the Doctor, will not allow any one to go in her room but Uncle R__ Aunt Mary, and myself. he says if she has a relaps, she might be worse than ever. Aunt Mary has been her constant nurse. I could not leave Emma at night. I donot think she is suffering quite so much to day. Mary. must write, and let me know exactly when they are coming. and all about it. give my love to Patty Skinner, and tell her, I hope she will join the party. tell Chipy I received his very acceptable letter. Grandpa, was quite amused. kiss them all for me. There is a present here for little Eddie from Uncle Ned, of a knife and fork. farewell. your attached