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June 22d 1828 -- My Dear Uncle      I write to inform you that the business is going on. John Hulme. has taken out a letter of administration. my dear Mother has signed her right away. so she will have nothing more to do with it. we intend to set off for Mary Curtis''s. morning. and remain there a few days. and then she will take us to the shore. and stay with us. I think Mother is something better. she rode out yesterday for the first time. rode as far as Cousin Hannah Smith's. she was very little fatigued with it. the most difficult part is getting her in and out of the Carriage. we are very sorry to hear that Aunt has been more in disposed than usual. but hope she is better. Mother sends her love to all.
from your affectionate niece Mary
since writing the above I received your welcome letter. by I mentioned John Hulme had taken out letters of administration on Monday last. and will proceed with the business. the[?] has taken most of the papers away. Robert Pittfield has been up. it is a great relief to my dear Mother. she can leave Home much easier. if she is know worse she intends to take tea -- at Cousin Joshua to-morrow afternoon. she thinks she could bear the ride to Springfield very well. she is so very anxious to go. that she will exert herself to the utmost. we are very happy to hear Aunt Ruth is better.
from your niece Mary