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June the 1,, 1828 My kind Uncle      As you appear to be interested in our business. I feel it my duty to inform you a little about. their has been nothing done as yet: Uriah Costell has been to talk with Mother several times. he is quite willing to undertake it. provided he can prevail on the creditors to give up all the furniture and stock. he has talked with some of them and they agree with his plan. he says it will be much better for them. Uriah says he has a secret hope their will be enough to pay all debts. he will not undertake the business unless he can beneft My dear suffering Mother. she is not so well for a week past. indeed my dear Uncle Last Sunday night I did not think she would live till morning. the pain was so severe Sister Susan nor I. never closed our eyes till. 4 oclock. neither did Mother. it was the most trying I ever past. she has taken a heavy cold she is still anxious to go to the sea shore. the last of this Month we think of going.
The Doctor says it is the last resource. her Friends all approve of it. we have heard of many wonderfull cures that have been made by going. Aunt Lydia missed her chill yesterday. she is rather better to-day. the rest of our Friend's are as well as usual. Mother desires her love to all affectionately. I have not time to say any more at this time. we hope to see you before a great while. excuse a short letter.
from your grateful niece Mary