Cross Writing Exercise 8, words beginning with the letters "u" through "y"

These are provided in alphabetical order for the sake of making them slightly easier to read. In addition, it will allow transcribers to train their eyes by comparing the letterforms and seeing the similarities and differences.

Zoom in to see with greater detail. You can also copy the image to your desktop and view it there, if that is needed.


polygon #323, Col602_53-165-496-3-rotate-2.jpg
circa 1829

text: "understand Sarah B. was married last night"

polygon #324, Col602_53-165-512-3-rotated.jpg
circa 1831

polygon #325, Col602_53-165-503-3-rotated.jpg
circa 1840

polygon #326, Col602_53-165-494-3.jpg
circa 1828

polygon #327, Col602_53-165-490-1-rotate-2.jpg
circa 1834-40?

polygon #328, Col602_53-165-513-3-rotated.jpg
circa 1825

polygon #329, Col602_53-165-494-3.jpg
circa 1828

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