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     But the radical infirmity of the "Arts. of Confederation". (6 was the dependance of Congs, on the voluntary and simultaneous compliance with its Requisitions, by so many independant Communities, each consulting more or less its particular interest & convenience and distrusting the compliance of the others. Whilst the paper emissions of Congs. continued to circulate they were employed as a sinew of war, like gold & silver. When that ceased to be the case, the fatal defect of the po political System was felt in its alarming force. The war was merely kept alive and brought to a successful conclusion by such foreign aids and temporary expedients as could be applied; a hope prevailing with many, and a wish with all, that a state of peace, and the sources of prosperity opened by it, would give to the Confederacy in in practice, the efficiency which had been inferred from its theory.
     The close of the war however brought no - cure for the public embarrasments. The States relieved from the pressure of foreign danger, and flushed with the enjoyment of independent and sovereign power; [instead of a diminished disposition to part with it,] persevered in omissions and in measures incompatible with their relations to the Federal Govt. and with those among them themselves; [no[t] withstanding, the urgency of the national engagements, and the increasing anarchy and collisions which threatened the Union itself.]
     Having served as a member of Congs. through the period between Mar. 1780 & the arrival of peace in 1783, I had become intimately with acquainted with the public proplexities[?] and distresses and the causes of them. I had observed the Successful - opposition