Concordance Plus

Concordance Plus offers all the words in our exhibits that have been transcribed through T-Pen: Winterthur and James Madison.

The original manuscript and full context of the word are viewable by using the "toggle line image" button. This can be adjusted to include additional lines by going to the top of the page and changing the size.

Adjust line height for text that is angled or to see the lines above and below the selected line.

Search Tool

"Text" will search for lines containing that text. If "Exact Word" is selected, it searches for words; if "Letter Sequence" is selected, it searches for that sequence of letters, possibly inside of larger words.
"Unclear lines only" will retrieve lines with "unclear" words: those that have not been definitively transcribed.
"Line index" can be used to show the first line of a page, for example, or more than one line.

Raw List (numbers and alphabetical)

Download CSV file
Download JSON file

Abbreviations & Variants